Abdominal sacral massage can help with a range of problems.

Are you affected with indigestion? I know this is something you would rather not talk about but do you suffer with constipation, bloating, gas? For gentle natural relief, try a belly massage.

Have you had abdominal surgery? A belly massage can help release the tensions created by scar tissue.

Women, do you have problems with painful/irregular periods, PMS? Do you have fertility problems? A belly massage can help you by releasing any muscular/fascial restrictions in the abdomen.

Beautiful  girl having stomach massage. Body care.

Learning more about your abdomen

Did you know that your intestines is a muscular organ? Your intestines has its own slow contracting rhythm (called peristalsis) that gently moves your food through your body until it is expelled as a stool.

If this is not happening, you experience constipation and associated problems such as: bloating, IBS, fatigue, skin conditions, allergies, and much more!

Benefits of abdominal massage

So why have an abdominal massage? Massage supports the tissues of your intestines helping them to work as they should. It helps to restore and promote normal bowel movements. Massage improves the circulation in the abdomen. It supports the nervous system, soothing an overactive system or stimulating a sluggish system. Basically the organs in your belly get a gentle workout so they can function much better. Result? You feel better as well!

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