ScarWork - massage therapy for scars whether from trauma, burns, or more likely post-surgical such as a C-section, a hysterectomy, gall bladder, or other surgical procedure.

Why would you have “Scarwork*? Well, it you have a scar, you may feel that the scar tissue doesn’t feel like the rest of you.

Scars can:

  • be sensitive to touch
  • itch
  • create a pulling sensation when you move about
  • hurt
  • feel numb

The bottom line is that scars can feel uncomfortable; they can be annoying; worst of all they can hurt!

Is there anything that can be done? This is where ScarWork can help.

The approach of ScarWork is to "talk to the tissue". Tissue reacts to touch and tension - this includes scar tissue. The gentle approach of scar massage helps to “re-integrate" the scar into the body's tissue. The lumps and bumps, the tightness may reduce; the scar tissue may start to feel "normal". It doesn't matter how old the scar is, ScarWork can still make a difference!

Still have questions?

Contact Elizabeth Hughes, your local, friendly mobile massage therapist and bodyworker.

​*ScarWork​ is the registered name of a series of techniques for treating scar tissue that were developed by the world renowned therapist Sharon Wheeler.