Therapeutic massage is outcome based massage in the sense that it is tailored to address your current issues.

It doesn't matter if you feel stressed or fatigued, massage can help you feel better! If you are stressed, soothing strokes will be used which calm the nervous system. If you are fatigued, a more dynamic approach will be used to stimulate the nervous system.

Therapeutic massage can be done directly on the skin using oil or lotion or it can be done without.  It can also be done through clothing. Massage is generally done with you lying down on a massage couch or even on the floor.  It can also be done while you are sitting in a chair.

Touch therapy. Wonderful trained local expert using her skills for relieving the pain her patient experiencing after work

​Massage not only feels good, it has physical effects on the body as well.

Massage stimulates local blood flow. The area being worked on may start to feel warmer.  The skin may appear more flushed.

Circulation is a little appreciated function of the body. It is blood circulation that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and, at the same time, removes the waste products. By improving the local circulation, tissue health is improved.

Massage affects the nervous system resulting in feelings of relaxation, possibly decreased pain. Muscle tension is reduced making tissues feel more flexible.

What does this mean for you?

You will feel better. Those aches and pains will ease or even seem to have disappeared! You will also be more aware of your body. You may realise that some areas of your body are tense, tight, or even slightly painful.

The bottom line is that you have a feeling of enhanced well-being!

Still have questions?

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