Man at physical therapy

Within the massage / bodywork world, the mantra has been that "the issue is in the tissues" – but nerves were not one of the tissues on the list.

The nervous system, however, is the most sensitive/reactive system in the body.  Nerves are one of tissues making up the brain, the body’s control center.  Nerves provide information about both the external and internal world- they create "your world".

What if treatment was directed to the nerves?  An approach called  "DermoNeuroModulation" considers the nervous system as the point of contact when touching a person.  When “touching” nerves, you need to be gentle as nerves are sensitive!

Healthy nerves need to move, to glide, to slide.  When they don’t, you may experience pain/discomfort.  How to help?  Make gentle moves on the skin - these are slow, light, kind, and intelligent.  These moves are guided by how you respond to the question – "how does that move feel to you?" If it feels comfortable to you, your nerves are "happy".  When your nerves are happy, you feel better.

There is no more digging into tissues to get to that sore spot, just gentle moves of the skin. You may be surprised by the result!

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